Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm Down Again! Woo Hoo!

I want to thank everyone who has been leaving their comments and sending me emails. It has been so nice to hear all of your encouraging words.

I am down another 3lbs this week to 280 I am so excited!!! I've been doing well and I just hope that it doesn't stop and start going back up. There's no reason for it to do that but I always carry that fear. I just need to keep myself convinced that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change and that the weight will have to come off if I keep up my healthy ways.

We had a great Valentines day. We didn't have any money to go out or do anything huge but my husband manged to sneek a rose and card into my car while I was at work. He is so sweet. And then we had a nice dinner at home took a nice walk together and watched a movie while snuggling on the couch. It was nice just to spend that time together with the phone unhooked and no one bothering us for awhile.

Yesterday my poor husband went to the dentist to have his final 4 upper teeth pulled and his top dentures put in. It's been so long since i have seen him with a full set of teeth that it's kind of strange to see him now. He's very swollen and and because of that they aren't fitting right now but I think they look good and he will be feeling much more confident soon. After he heals we are going to get our pictures taken together and it will be the first time, we have been together for 10 years and never had them taken. I think there are a few pictures from our wedding but that is it. He would never let anyone take his picture. I'm very excited about that.

Well, I'm off to take a walk around the building. Gotta keep that weight loss going!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Poudre River Trail

My husband and I went on the nicest walk this morning. We walked 6 miles round trip down the Poudre River Trail here just on the edge of town. It was beautiful! There is an old restored barn, a pond covered with hundreds of geese and ducks, birds, eagles, hawks ,squirrels that aren't the least bit afraid of humans and an old school house. I'm sure there is much more on the trail but I didn't want to go any farther than 3 miles in one direction and that was pushing it I wanted to be able to make it back to the Jeep without my husband having to drive around and get me. At first my shin started burning so I slowed down and then before I knew it we were walking along at a really good pace and it didn't hurt anymore. We had good, all be it halted, conversation and got to spend some really good quality time with each other. I will say though that I am very sore tonight and I'm sure that it will be a little worse tomorrow. We decided that we will do this every Sunday since it is the only day of the week that we get to spend a day off together. When we got home I realized that I had forgotten to weigh in so I won't be able to do that until tomorrow but that's alright, I'm not worried. I've been very good and stuck with my plan and water and exercise. I think I'm doing rather well. We'll see in the morning.

Friday, February 11, 2005


I had a very interesting day to say the least. It's a good thing that I take Fridays off my diet. This morning I was going to be good and eat my oatmeal and banana and then eat again at the luncheon. Well, I also ended up eating a big piece of birthday cake with real butter cream frosting. It was so good and worth it though. It's been a while since I have had cake like that. Then for luch I had guacamole and homeade tortillas from Cazadores at my work luncheon. Mmmmm my very favorite thing from that restaurant. Then my husband called and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with Justin and Heather again to Applebee's of course I accepted. We had such a good time last time. It went wrong from the beginning. Not bad just uncomfortable. I ordered from the WW menu and everyone else ordered from the regular menu, should have been no problem, 20 minutes later the waitress comes back and announces loudly that they were out of the things on the WW menu and that I would just have to go ahead and order off the regular menu. Normally this would not have bothered me except that she said it so loudly two tables turned around to look at me funny, in my mind she might as well of said "Hey fatty, we don't have any food for you so you'll have to order something else." So, anyway, I tried to ignore her rudeness ordered a salad and continued to wait for my food. Another 20 minutes later out came our food, everyone got there meals except for me, the waitress said "Ok, that's everything, can I get you guys anything else?" When I asked her about my salad she said, "what salad?" I was so mad. I don't understand how she could stand there treating everyone else at the table like a human being and then be so rude to me. Maybe I took it too personally I don't know but I doubt I'll be going there again anytime soon.

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