Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Rewards

I'm sitting here trying to think of what to write about my weight loss and just realized that's not all this has to be about. Everything in my life can affect how I am doing with my weight. For instance today in our Team Meeting at work we found out that our team is being disbanded and we are going to have to move to another department and learn a new job. I'm so scared of this, I've been doing my job for over five years and I'm one of the top in our department I've become so single minded about it I don't know if I can learn anything new. All of this of course causes me stress which in turn makes me want terribly to go to Dairy Queen for lunch and have the largest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fudge Blizzard I can buy but I'm not going to I'm going to stay here at work eat the lunch I brought and write it all down. It's a hell of an eye opener for me to realize that I run to food when I am stressed and/or scared of the changes in my life. No wonder I have always fought this weight, no wonder I gained it all in the first place.

I did think about my rewards last night and here is what I cam up with:

  1. At 25 pounds lost I am getting that pair of shoes I've been wanting - So cute! I'll put a picture up here of them when I get them and I'm not even really a shoes person!
  2. At 50 pounds lost I will be spending a nice long weekend in a cabin in the mountains with my husband.
  3. At 75 pounds lost I will be getting my hair cut and colored and my nails done as well as a pedicure.
  4. At 100 pounds lost I will stand in front of the mirror and cry - but seriously My husband will buy me a new Wedding band because the on I have, although I love it, is not real.
  5. At 125 pounds lost I will get my very first all body massage.
  6. At 140 lbs lost (my goal of 160lbs) I will be going to Mexico for a week and be relaxing on the beach.

It has helped to think about these things because I feel more motivated than ever before.

I do need to stay motivated that's for sure because last night I sure lost it. I got home and was just way to tired to work out. I know I can't let that get the best of me because before I know it I'll turn and around and it will be two weeks before I exercise again. I'm not going to let that happen I have to succeed this time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think of how hot you're look on that Mexican beach with your new, gorgeous body. Good luck!

2:46 PM  
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