Friday, February 04, 2005


I was looking at myself in the mirror today and wondering where the weight had gone. I wish I could notice a difference see a change feel my clothes getting looser but I don't and this is a little frustrating. Somewhere someone told me that every 10 pounds you should go down a size in clothes and I want to find that person and ring their neck! I'm not saying that I'm not noticing some things but the things I notice are not things that anyone else would notice. I have a little more energy to make through the day. My nails are stronger and longer, my hair is a little shinier, I generally have a better outlook on things (except today) but, I want someone else to notice, someone to comment on it. I don't know maybe I am just being pessimistic today, maybe I'm just a little down today. It's only been a month since I started this and I have lost 15lbs, maybe a little more I won't know until Sunday. A girlfriend of mine took a picture of me the other day with her digital and is going to email it to me to add to this site so I can look at it and have something to make a comparison to maybe that will help. Of course all of this bad attitude could have something to do with PMS, I don't usually suffer from it but that could be what it is. Or maybe everyone just has a bad day.


Blogger shiver said...

15lbs! Way to go! I know how you feel about the whole looking different thing. I think I look the same. Then I realized that even though I feel the same, my clothes are way looser in the legs. I also noticed that my nails have been growing like crazy! My skin also looks a lot smoother.

In regards to the skin thing, this could be why your size hasn't gotten smaller. I lost the weight, but it's taken a while for my body to rebound. You'll get there!!!:D

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