Saturday, February 05, 2005

Surviving Company

What a day! I got up early and I went to the grocery store, it was so busy it took me two hours! Then I went home and cleaned the house and got ready for my sister in law and her family to come over. I was so nervous that they would realize that what they were eating was "diet" food. I'm not sure why that bothered me so much but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I really don't even want them to know that I'm trying to lose weight. But, guess what... they never guessed! I made grilled burritos with red and yellow peppers, black beans, whole wheat tortillas and my homeade green chili. And for desert I made a "Diet Coke Cake" actually I used Diet Pepsi but the idea was the same, and they didn't even guess. They thought they were eating a regular, but homeade cake. Dinner and Desert were a hit! And then we watched The Grudge. I love Horror films but I am a total wimp. That (to me) is the scariest thing I have seen in a long time. I hate those kind of movies that jump out at you like that, but I love them at the same time. Tomorrow is my day to weigh so we'll see how I did this week.

What a nice night last night! My husband called yesterday afternoon and asked if I would like to go to dinner with our good friends Justin and Heather and of course I accepted. I use Friday nights as my night off I watch what I eat all day but eat and drink what I want that night. So, we headed to Roma's for dinner and had Caroli's and a Bazooka Margarita. The company was great as usual and we spent the whole night talking. Usually on Friday night we order in and I still eat what I want but end up feeling guilty about it but I learned last night that if the company and conversation are good I can really enjoy the night and have no guilt after. I can't wait to see them again!


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